Wine tasting is a regular activity in Napa Valley and Yountville, especially since some of the tastiest wines anywhere are produced here. Visitors arrive from all over the world to sample the wines and enjoy all that Yountville offers.

If you are planning to come to Yountville and expect to visit some of the many Yountville tasting rooms, we can offer a few tips for making your wine-tasting experience most pleasant.

What To Do at a Yountville Tasting Room

For the newcomer, suggesting that you not overdo your experience is good. While these are not rigid, they offer tips to help you enjoy your time here and not disrupt the activities of others.

  • Schedule your time in advance, although many Yountville tasting rooms may accept walk-ins, space permitting. Reserving your space and time will ensure you get a private table at the appropriate time and that the Yountville tasting room team can best prepare for your visit.

Some Yountville Tasting Room teams, like Handwritten Wines, customize some of the experience for their guests, so it can be an enhanced experience if they know you’re coming ahead of time!

  • Don’t overbook! With so many tasting rooms in Yountville, it can be tempting to pack a lot into a given day. Booking more than one Yountville tasting room can be too much to sample, and you may want to save time and palate fatigue for some other activities.
  • Remember that sampling too many wines will leave you less appreciative of their taste as the day progresses.
  • Book a variety of tastings over a few days. Yountville has many incredible experiences to select from, and the Yountville tasting rooms are close together,
  • Booking different experiences is always good. For example, Handwritten Wines offers a unique Bread & Butter Experience featuring three artisan butters with a baguette, salame, and petite Basque cheese with their Cabernet Sauvignons.
  • Allow time to stroll between experiences: Most Yountville tasting rooms are within a fifteen-minute walk.
  • Drink lots of water. It is essential to stay hydrated, so carry a water bottle with you on wine-tasting days,

Variety of Wine Tastings in Yountville

You can also find a bacon and wine flight at Priest Ranch winery, a potato chip pairing at Silver Trident, bubbles and caviar at Regiis Ova, plus a wine and cheese pairing at Jessup Cellars, among many other fun and educational Yountville wine-tasting experiences.

Book Your Winetasting Adventure at Handwritten Wines in Yountville

Schedule your visit to Handwritten Wines by visiting the Handwritten Wines website. You can choose between the Classic or the Bread & Butter wine tastings, both of which are fascinating Yountville wine-tasting adventures.