In the relatively small area surrounding Yountville, there are seven notable wineries and about fourteen excellent wine-tasting rooms. Planning to visit some of the best tasting rooms Yountville has can be a simple exercise, although choosing the best ones might be more difficult.

The best tasting rooms Yountville has are located within easy access, many along Washington Street, the main thoroughfare in Yountville. Locals suggest parking on the southern end of Yountville and walking from one tasting room to the next.

If you are planning to visit the wineries, selecting three to visit during your day is more demanding. Some boutique wineries include Handwritten Wines, Jessup Cellars, Priest Ranch, Cliff Lede Vineyards, Goosecross Cellars, Stewart Cellars, and Paraduxx.

Selecting the Wineries

Yountville wineries are all within a few miles of each other. Research in advance the wineries you would like to visit during your wine-tasting day. Check out the details like the wines offered, the ambiance, and if there will be any special programs or events during your visit.

Create Your Itinerary

While you will likely organize your itinerary according to what each winery offers, try to place them in logical order. You will need to consider operating hours and scheduled events or tours. Look for a balance of activity in developing your itinerary.

Tasting Techniques and Etiquette

Make sure your group has brushed up on their best tasting room etiquette before starting out. Learn to appreciate the wines’ flavors and aromas, understand how to engage with the staff, and ask questions about the wine.

Spitting is very acceptable in wine tasting, allowing the visitors to sample several wines without becoming intoxicated.

Also, keep your group focused on tasting the wines, learning, and enjoying rather than becoming boisterous and obnoxious.

Pairing Food and Snacks

Pack some snacks that will pair with most wines. Although some wineries offer some nicely paired foods during your tasting experience, be prepared with snacks on hand to ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Be Careful: Transportation and Safety

Most importantly, participating in several tastings can cause any driver to become intoxicated. Be sure that if a motor vehicle is involved in your outing, you select a professional wine tour, utilize a designated driver, or hire a driver for the day. Intoxication can be very dangerous and illegal and can result in some terrible outcomes.

Handwritten Wines: One of the Best Tasting Rooms Yountville

Make sure you stop by the Handwritten Wines Tasting Room in Yountville. Located at 6494 Washington Street, this gracious, inviting location is designed for the comfort and enjoyment of each guest.

The winery offers three wine-tasting experiences: Classic, Bread & Butter, and Quick Read, each serving a choice selection of carefully chosen bites.

Reservations for one of the best tasting rooms Yountville are available on Handwritten Wines’ website and are open seven days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM by appointment only.

Make sure you include Handwritten Wines in your next trip to Yountville.