Our team is made up of the true scribes of the Handwritten narrative; each brings a rich and unmistakable character to our human terroir. We believe our production team at Handwritten is the best in the Napa Valley. Led by Rob Lloyd, these are the artisans who craft our story and give it life everyday: Assistant Winemaker Bernardo Munoz-Alvarez and Cellar Crew Zack Scott and Victor Barboza.

Tasting Room Manager Bill Miller, along with our knowledgeable and welcoming educators are here to provide exceptional experiences. At every level, from guiding you through accessing our allocated wines, to intimate tastings, to acting as your personal concierge when visiting the Napa Valley, we’re at your service.

Bill Miller

message 3 iconBILL MILLER

Tasting Room Manager


Hometown: San Francisco, California

About: Bill was born in San Francisco, where most of his family still lives, and grew up just south of the City by the Bay in San Bruno, California. He moved to wine country in the early 90s to attend Sonoma State University where he got his degree in Communications Studies. In 2003, he moved to the Napa Valley with his husband Gary where they co-owned a marketing agency for 13 years. In his early 40s, Bill made a life career change because of his passion for wine and joined the wine business by working in a tasting room in Yountville, California.

It was a few years later when he visited Handwritten Wines as a guest and fell in love with all the experience and wines. At that point, he knew he had to a part of the Handwritten family! Bill joined the Good Life Wine Collective in October 2016 and finds great joy in hosting wine tasting experiences for Handwritten’s guests. In their private life, Bill and Gary love to travel. Recently, they visited France and fell in love with its food and wine culture. They look forward to traveling to more wine regions throughout the world in the near future.

When at home, Bill enjoys entertaining family and friends, gardening, being outside, and hanging out with their yellow English Labrador, Obi. Gary and Bill also own a wine tour transportation company called Wine Tasting Driver, offering designated driver services.

Virenda Mattson

message 3 iconVIRENDA MATTSON

Personal Wine Curator


Bio coming soon.

Ezekiel Hampton


Hometown: Vacaville, CA

Favorite Pairing: Handwritten ‘The Author’ w/ fresh, raw oysters

Zeke is a man with more passions than time can allow to explore fully. He discovered his love for wine in his 20s as he worked in restaurants and family wineries on the west coast while touring in a family band and completing his MBA on the side.

In addition to all of the sensory enjoyment from wine, Zeke loves, even more, its ability to facilitate hearty conversation and relational connection. He is a true cinephile whose joy peaks with indulgent and fanciful dinners.

When he’s not hosting guests at Handwritten, Zeke is usually in his home studio writing and producing music. He loves football, running, 80s/90s pop culture, old-school wrestling and also produces small batches of Petite Sirah with a friend.

Tracy McArdle


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

About: Tracy says her most memorable culinary experience was the first time she had soft shell crab as a child. “I was so nervous but I took one bite and LOVED it! I can still see my mother’s grin.” She attributes her love of food and wine to her mother. Rome was her favorite vacation spot and recalls being mesmerized by the Sistine Chapel.

AJ Eisiminger


Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

About: Growing up in Napa and having an older brother involved in the restaurant industry gave A.J. an appreciation early on for wine and food. That appreciation turned into a passion and now A.J. is currently doing his best to pursue the “good life” and share his love of wine and food with as many people as possible!

Bailey Downing

message 3 iconBAILEY DOWNING

VP of Member & Guest Services


Bio coming soon.

Emily Wilkens


Hometown: Napa, California

About: Born and raised in Napa, Emily naturally made her way into the wine business and joined the Jessup Cellars and Handwritten family in January of 2017. She is passionate about raising her three kids and volunteering for their baseball, football and cheer teams – and cheering them on! She loves the outdoors and spending time on home projects here in beautiful Northern California.

Philip O'Conor

message 3 iconPHILIP O’CONOR

VP of Digital Experience & Marketing


Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

About: Being born in Switzerland and raised in Boston, Philip grew up with one foot on each continent. Constantly surrounded by great French wines as a child, his family would tell him the tales of these legendary vintners and instilled a lifelong passion for food and wine.

Philip has deep roots in hospitality that start in the kitchens of France where he got his first job as a young man. Over the years, he made the transition to the restaurant floor where as a sommelier and wine director, he was able to pursue his passions further.

After meeting his wife Emily, Philip was able to pursue his education overseas earning his M.B.A while living and working in the Bordeaux region of France. Philip went on to build a winery and label called Trinité Estate for the famed Lurton family of Bordeaux and later took over direction of Handwritten Wines in Yountville.

Philip is a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds a WSET diploma.

Christina Beverly


Hometown: Golden, Colorado

About: Christina first joined our work family back in 2008 after graduating from college in Colorado with degrees in hospitality and business administration. Upon moving to Napa Valley, she quickly realized her love of wine, food and unique experiences. She has enjoyed spreading her time over the years in various areas of the company, including the Tasting Gallery, Membership & Hospitality, Marketing and Administration. Her spare time is happily spent with her husband, Matt, and their beloved dog, Hamilton.

Andrew Vasquez

message 3 iconANDREW VASQUEZ

VP of Customer Loyalty


Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

About: Andrew’s two passions are travel & politics. Having travelled most of the world, worked on two Presidential campaigns and working for several charities, he has adopted a broaden worldview. He discovered his love of wine in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. That bottle of Sauv Blanc changed the course of his professional life. It was that good! Before joining the wine industry he studied at UCSB and received a B.A. in Political Science. He resides in Santa Rosa where he loves spending time with his family and playing baseball with his two small boys along with their chocolate lab, Marley. SF Giants at AT&T Park is his “happy” place.

Jay Aranda

message 3 iconJAY ARANDA

Dedicated Wine Liaison


Hometown: Vallejo, California

About: Jay cherishes the love of his large extended family and appreciates the priceless blessing of a tight-knit circle of friends. Having sailed the West Indies, traveled across Europe – ending with a two-year residence in Valencia Spain – he now enjoys the simple pleasures of basking in the warm California sun, sipping wine and being fully engrossed in a good book. Jay strives to live a life of “Service, Purpose, Meaning and Impact.” His motto: “Collect Moments Not Things.”

Mike Lutz

message 3 iconMIKE LUTZ

Dedicated Wine Liaison


Hometown:  Colusa, California

About: Mike has spent his entire career in hospitality. For 7 years he worked for some of the top private country clubs in both Scottsdale Arizona and Couer de’ Alene Idaho. It was those clubs where he discovered his passion for wine. For the past 8 years he has worked for a couple of wineries, but truly believes he has found his forever home. “The people here, from the members to the staff, are just amazing! I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an outstanding culture.” He and his wife reside in Sacramento where they both enjoy Sunday football days, and trying out new recipes together in the kitchen.

Kimberly Skog

message 3 iconKIMBERLY SKOG

Dedicated Wine Liaison


Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

About: Kimberly brings over 20 years of dedicated wine experience & passion to the Good Life Wine Collective family. She loves anything to do with being outdoors – biking and hiking, boating and camping with her husband. Time with family is also incredibly important to Kimberly! She adores being a mother of two beautiful daughters and now she gets to enjoy her grandchildren.

Bernardo Munoz

message 3 iconBERNARDO MUÑOZ

Assistant Winemaker


Hometown: Campeche, Mexico

About: Bernardo began his career the vineyards, learning the intricacies of grape growing and how to adjust to the whims of Mother Nature. He then moved into the cellars at Jessup Cellars, bringing us his complete grape to bottle knowledge to the team. He has a keen understanding of what it takes to make a great bottle.

Amy Oden Photo

message 3 iconAMY ODEN

Master of First Impressions


Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

About: Amy grew up in a large family. Nightly dinners and holiday gatherings were always centered around a grand array of great food and wine. It was these moments that first sparked her life’s ambition to become the ultimate party host.

After chasing a degree in both business administration and culinary arts, Amy realized that both of these fields come together in the restaurant industry. Soon she was travelling and working around the globe. It was with through these experiences that Amy found herself in the Napa Valley working at a popular locals spot. After meeting many of the valley’s winery workers it became very clear to her that there was only one winery that she wanted to work with – The Good Life Wine Collective.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, biking, yoga, tennis and snowboarding along with the joy of supporting her son’s baseball and basketball dreams. 


Rob Lloyd


Rob’s foray into wine started directly after graduating college when he came to Napa to work in a tasting room for the summer – before getting a ‘real job’. He became fascinated with wine and the science of winemaking, and began to learn everything he could about the process.

While interviewing for that “real job”, the interviewer asked him what he had been doing with his time since graduation. After speaking passionately and at length about wine, the interviewer said, “You seem to love that so much. Why do you want this job?” Rob realized he didn’t want it, actually. He thanked the man, and thus began a career in the wine industry.

“Rob’s goal is to craft rich, velvety wines that are accessible in their youth, yet have the structure to age for a very long time.” – Founders

Rob has since earned his MS in Viticulture & Enology from the University of California Davis and worked for many prestigious wineries including Cakebread, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and La Crema. Rob began crafting Handwritten Wines in the 2009 season and took the position of Director of Winemaking at Jessup Cellars in 2010. He now heads up our winemaking for the Good Life Wine Collective, which also includes Jessup Cellars.



Handwritten tasting experiences are available 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm by appointment only.

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