Our Handwritten allocation club members will agree our Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most under-appreciated bottlings from our stable of premium handcrafted wines. The appeal of Coombsville wines is in the region’s consistency in producing evocative and highly perfumed wines from its cool, elevated mountain vineyards comprised of unique combinations of volcanic rock soil. Here’s some of the reasons we love this wine.

Our Coombsville Cab is one of our smallest production wines. First debuting from the 2012 vintage, the limited-production and seasonal release of our Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon has always attracted a speakeasy style audience of admirers, meaning it doesn’t stick around for long.

One of the often mentioned talking points of Coombsville AVA, is the region’s proximity to the cooling maritime winds of San Pablo Bay. For the wine obsessed among us, this results in one of the highest diurnal ranges in Napa Valley. Diurnal range refers to the difference between the hottest part of the day and coolest part of the night. The westerly aspect of Coombsville AVA makes for hot and balmy afternoon sun. The area is quickly ‘air conditioned’ by late afternoon breezes that provide cool overnight fog that lingers late into the morning.

The total land size of the region is around 11,000 acres, with around 1,500 under vine, ranging in elevation from near sea level to 1,900 feet.

Unique to the Coombsville AVA, is the unusual geological formation that results from a few million-year-old volcano collapse. The distinct change in topography forms a ‘cup and saucer’ like ridge, coined the ‘Coombsville caldera’. The bowl-shaped formation helps to embrace the San Pablo winds, creating conditions for long, gradual grape ripening. When it’s time to harvest, the grapes are mature in tannin, color and flavor.

Our micro lot of Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon vines produce lush yet exuberant fruit with a welcomed balance of freshness and vitality. As our allocation club members know, this cab has quickly become a flagship wine and a favorite of many.

It’s easy to appreciate this blockbuster bottling, which offers a highly aromatic bouquet and generous fruit on the palate. Big and bold in nature, this wine is the ultimate balance of power and finesse. This is one of Handwritten’s premium handcrafted wines you can enjoy with slow braised short rib, prosciutto rolled pork tenderloin or your favorite pizza on the summer patio.

To add our Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon to your upcoming allocation shipment or to simply personalize your wine order, contact our wine curators at (707) 944-8524 or visit our current releases online.

If you’re visiting our boutique winery in Yountville, be sure to ask for a splash of our new 2020 Author. To add our new release Sauvignon Blanc to your next wine club shipment, call our wine curator team at (707) 944-8524 for that personalized service you know and love.