The long-anticipated release of the delightful Handwritten Chardonnay is finally here! We think there is no better way to celebrate our hallmark white wine bottling and the last remaining vestiges of this 2020 Summer than presenting our Chardonnay alongside our very first Lobster Dinner Supper Club.

The Handwritten Supper Club was created as a way to share in meals and memories, paired with the finest of Handwritten Wines. Partnering with fourth-generation Napa Valley native and Handwritten Wines Resident Chef Emily Buller, we’ve designed a truly original offering for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This partnership combines our Art of Winemaking together with the Art of Pairing and portrays our pursuit to support sustainable farming and local artisan craft.

From sharpening her teeth (or knives) in CIA Hyde Park kitchen classrooms to culinary escapades around Europe, Chef Emily brings to the Handwritten SoYo House a wealth of culinary inspiration. Emily has worked among some of the most esteemed restaurants in San Francisco including La Folie, Martini House and Pinot Blanc. Chef Emily’s passion for independence and culinary education led to the launch of Small Table Farms.

From her family home and heritage farmhouse, Chef Emily Buller grows and gathers the finest of provisions from her beehive honey to homemade goat’s cheese. For many years Chef has been involved with seasonal Napa Valley events, including the famous Taste of Yountville, Yountville Live, as well as hosting private garden dinners and cooking classes at her family’s secret farmhouse and homestead here in Napa. We’re so lucky to have her in-house to create this once in a lifetime virtual event.

Handwritten Director and Sommelier Philip O’Conor eagerly appreciates the concept stating, “As a New Englander, I can honestly say that the traditional Lobster Bake might be my favorite social meal, so I couldn’t be more excited to host this event with our amazing Handwritten family and friends. Elevated experiences like this represent our constant desire to inspire thoughts, stories and unforgettable moments with each and every sip of the wines we create. Join us for a LIVE virtual event with cooking demonstrations, wine tasting notes, and a Q&A session with me and Chef Emily Buller. This is a truly groundbreaking wine and culinary event not to be missed and guaranteed never to be forgotten”.

Fisherman Joe from Lobster Anywhere of Amesbury, Massachusetts is packaging his signature Boston Lobster Bake that will arrive at your doorstep. Uncork and gather round, the recipe requires just a little cooking and will be ready to enjoy. Resident Chef Emily Buller will spare no secrets sharing with us some creative cooking techniques, her Grandmother’s family recipes and personal tips for preparation. Our Carneros Chardonnay and Lobster Dinner takes place on Friday, September 18th, 5:30 pm PST or 8:30 pm EST. For further details, or to reserve your virtual seat at the table and receive a free shipping promo code, Click here .