“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” The most successful companies happen to be positive forces in their community that recognize their environmental and social responsibilities.

The owners and staff at Handwritten Wines, an award-winning boutique winery, fully embrace their responsibility to go beyond producing excellent handcrafted wines for their clientele. As an actively responsible company committed to the welfare of the community, the entire Handwritten Wines group is determined to be responsible stewards in their community, always striving to protect the environment at every stage from the management of the vineyards and throughout their winery.

In June 2019, Handwritten Wines and its sister boutique winery, Jessup Cellars, were certified as Napa Green organizations. The certifying groups leading Napa Valley businesses to adopt environmentally sound practices are Napa Green, Napa Valley Vintners, and Sustainable Napa County.

During an Awards Dinner, where recognition for Handwritten’s sustainability efforts was being recognized, the Napa Green leaders highlighted their broader initiative, the Greening of Napa Valley, and their extensive efforts to enhance the sustainability of the vineyards and wineries of the region.

Napa Green is only one of only four sustainable winegrowing programs in the nation that has established a comprehensive “soil-to-bottle” sustainability program. While progress continues everywhere, Napa Valley is already home to 40% of the designated-sustainable wineries of the 4,200 wineries throughout California.


What is Napa Green’s Focus?

Napa Green has developed specific sustainability and stewardship standards and measures to monitor the progress of participating wineries. From soil to bottle, these standards involve:

  • Saving energy and water and increasing energy efficiency
  • Preventing waste through recycling, composting, and environmentally focused purchasing
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and each winery’s carbon footprint
  • Committing to social equity
  • Certification of the entire facility, from production to hospitality

Handwritten Wines has incorporated a Green Team that has established recycling, composting, and energy conservation programs in each production phase of their handcrafted wines. The group sets realistic and tangible sustainability initiatives, then measures the progress at each level. Such projects as insulating all cellar tanks and glycol lines, installing LED Lighting, incorporating recycled paper for marketing and other correspondence, and more have helped this boutique winery ensure the long-term viability of their business and earn recognition for their commitment to reducing the boutique winery’s carbon footprint.

Visit Handwritten Wines, a Yountville Boutique Winery

A sustainable and responsible producer of award-winning wines, Handwritten Wines offers several excellent opportunities to taste and enjoy their remarkable creations in person in their Tasting Room in Yountville or at your location.

Combined with bites and accompaniments created by the winery’s resident chef, MikeC, the Handwritten wine tastings highlight the winery’s focus on excellent hillside and Mountain District single vineyard wines.

By visiting the winery website, you can learn about Handwritten Wines’ various Tasting formats, including their Classic, Short Story, “Bread and Butter,” and Pinot Vertical.

Custom and private wine-tasting experiences can be arranged.

To reserve a place for a future in-person or virtual wine tasting with Handwritten Wines, click the TOCK RESERVATIONS Button on the website.

If you have questions about scheduling a future event, call Handwritten Wines at (707)-944-8524.