Mary Kate’s Itinerary

Where to Stay: The Archer Hotel

The Archer Hotel is ideal because it is right in the heart of downtown Napa! I love to be able to wander on vacation without always having super strict plans, so the ability to walk out the door and grab a coffee and do a little window shopping is always appealing to me. Plus, I’m a sucker for their rooftop bar, Sky & Vine. They often have live music and it is a great place to end the night.

7am: Get Up and Flow Morning Yoga class at the Napa Valley Yoga Studio with Rachael

Twice a week I head to this morning flow class with Rachael! It is a great way to get your morning started, and I always feel amazing afterwards. A little movement in the morning is perfect, because the rest of the day is a lot of food and wine! Plus, after class Rachael always has a pot of tea waiting to start your day with a warm gesture.

10am: Brunch at La Cheve

La Cheve is a great Mexican restaurant located in the Old Adobe building, built in 1845. They have delicious pastries and craft beer, but my all time favorite brunch items are their cafe con leche, mimosa flight, and a Chorizo burrito. I usually split the mimosa flight with a friend because they give you four full mimosas!

I can never tell which mimosa is the most delicious!


11:30am: Get picked up by Deb from Driven in Napa Valley

Driven in Napa Valley is the best way to indulge in the wines of Napa without having to worry about driving. Deb is so knowledgeable, kind, and fun, and she makes every trip better with her recommendations. The best part is, you can actually enjoy your vacation because you don’t have to plan or drive at all! You just have to show up and sip some delicious wines 🙂

Stop by the the iconic Napa Valley sign – the image above is me with my wine tasting buddies, my parents!

12pm: Tasting at Matthiasson Winery

I love Matthiasson wines because they have the beautiful and classic varietals that Napa is known for (Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay), but they also have an amazing array of interesting and unique wines! I love their Ribolla Gialla, GSM blend, and am a huge fan of their vermouth, sipped slowly over ice. Their tasting is casual, lovely, and usually hosted outside, so it is a perfect way to enjoy Napa’s Mediterranean climate.

mary kate and parents at tasting

1:30pm: Stroll around Yountville

After some great food and wine already, a little walk around Yountville is perfect. It is a picturesque little town that reminds me of a Hallmark movie set, and I feel so lucky to work in this little gem of a place! Walking from one end to the other will only take you about a half an hour, and it is a great way to check out the amazing tasting rooms and restaurants in town. At this point in the day, I probably need a little caffeine boost, so I would stop by the famed Bouchon bakery in town for a latte and a sweet little treat (my favorites are the chocolate bouchon or the chocolate macaron)!

2:30pm: Drive North to Calistoga

The drive from Yountville to Calistoga may take about a half an hour, so make sure to factor that time in. But honestly one of my favorite things is just driving the full scope of the Napa Valley- it gives you time to really appreciate the incredible sights of the mountains and vineyards, and every season has its own type of beauty. In the summer, the vines are lush and the grapes are fully formed and ready for harvest. In the fall, the vines change color just like trees do, so orange, red, and gold speckle the landscape. In the winter, cover crops are planted to benefit the vines in their dormant season, but lucky for us, they end up being gorgeous as well! A common cover crop is the mustard flower, which grows golden between the vineyard rows during the winter season. In the spring, California’s wildflowers are in full bloom, and the characteristic orange of the California poppy is a joyful burst of color along the valley.

3:00pm: Cave Tour at Schramsberg

Schramsberg makes incredible sparkling wines, and their cave tour is one of the most educational and entertaining tours in the valley. They guide you through the whole sparkling wine process, and walk you through their incredible cave to show you how they age and store their wines. I am a big advocate of sparkling wine for any occasion, not just on special days, and Schramsberg is the best of the best.


5:00pm: Cat Nap

A full day of great food and wine, and boy, am I sleepy. After living in Europe for 7 years, siesta culture is something that I have admired and adopted into my life when available. More naps please! A little one hour cat nap gives me time to refresh and get ready for dinner.

7:00pm: Dinner at The Kitchen Door

The Kitchen Door has an eclectic menu so anybody could find something that they would enjoy. I love a good bar seat for the atmosphere and the people watching, or if it’s a nice night I might hang out on their patio. By this point, I’m probably wine-ed out and might go for something more refreshing- an Aperol Spritz or a Gin & Tonic are my non-wine vices. My absolute favorite dish here is their incredible banh mi sandwich with sweet potato fries. Seriously, the best banh mi I’ve had outside of Vietnam, and you have to add the duck au jus for ultimate flavor!

9:00pm: Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar

Okay, maybe a nightcap. After all, my hotel room is just a few floors below! I grab a seat by the fire pit, order an espresso martini, and listen to some great live music. Considering the amount of drinks I’ve had today, I will most certainly not be getting up tomorrow for a 7am yoga class. But a little headache tomorrow will be worth it for a perfect day in the Napa Valley in my book!