Revamped Bread and Butter Experience

Handwritten Wines, a boutique winery located in beautiful Napa Valley, celebrates the flavor synergies of world-class wines with the perfect food pairing for each wine tasting.

By incorporating the unique culinary talents of Handwitten’s Resident Chef MikeC, the winery has recently redesigned their wine tasting to heighten further the sensory enjoyment of their trademark Bread and Butter Experience.

What is Handwritten Wine’s Bread and Butter experience?

While pairing appropriate wines enhances the flavor and enjoyment of particular food, carefully selecting recipes to complement a winetasting is also essential. Overpowering flavors, for example, can quickly mask the subtle flavor notes, aroma, and texture of the wines.

Handwritten Wines recognizes this challenge and continually strives to provide recipes that enhance rather than overwhelm the sensory attributes of their excellent wines.

Handwritten’s Bread and Butter Experience

Handwritten Wines’ Bread and Butter Experience features five wines pre-poured in a side-by-side comparison format, an incomparable winetasting adventure. These wines come from the highest quality grapes grown in select Napa Valley hillside 2-acre blocks.

Among the premier wines available from this Yountville boutique winery is the highly regarded Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

To complement the flavors of the Handwritten Wines, food servings include white truffle potato chips, Bouchon Bakery baguette, three artisan domestic butters, Stagberry Salame, and a 12-month aged Reserve Gouda Cheese, perfect choices for rounding out the red wine tasting experience.

The Artisan Butter Search

Note that the three artisan butters are vital components of the tasting. Chef MikeC researched and carefully selected these to incorporate into the tasting experience. The finalists were chosen from more than a dozen others from various parts of the nation to ensure the proper harmony with the flavors of the wine.

And, with his sharp focus and attention to detail to further upgrade Handwritten’s winetasting experience, Chef MikeC paneled staff associates to define the butter products that would complement the wines most effectively.

The final selections for the Handwritten Wines’ Bread and Butter Experience are:

Amish Butter with Sea Salt – Minerva Dairy: Minerva, Ohio

Minerva Dairy is the oldest family-owned dairy in the country, specializing in slow-churned Amish Style butter since 1894. This style of butter making is the highest classification of butterfat content, giving it a silky smooth texture and uniquely rich taste.

Goat & Cow Milk Cultured Butter – Achadinha Cheese Company: Petaluma, California

Achadinha Cheese Company is named for the owners’ ancestral hometown in Portugal, where their dairy heritage began three generations ago. Their cows and goats feast off the ranch grasses, as well as the brewer’s grains and yeast from local breweries that give the butter a deep and rich flavor.

Goat Milk Butter – Nordic Creamery: Westby, Wisconsin

International award-winning cheese and butter maker, Al Bekkum, has been carrying on the family traditions brought from Norway in 1917. The Coulee Region, where the farm is located, is considered some of the finest grazing land in the country. Carefully raised animals and diligently maintained techniques result in the lushest, most delicious butter anywhere in the world.

Upgrading the Cheeses and Charcuterie

Besides the delicious Bouchon Bakery baguette and uniquely sourced butter, Chef MikeC has enhanced the other food elements for the Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon tastings.

The cheese offering is a delicious 12-month Aged Reserve Gouda from Oakdale Cheese & Specialties of Oakdale, California. The firm has produced top-quality products for four generations.

The accompanying charcuterie sampling for the Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and other fine wines consists of Stagberry Salame from Smoking Goose in the Dorman Street Meatery of Indianapolis.


Make Reservations for Your Bread-and-Butter Winetasting Experience

Handwritten Wines, a boutique winery in Yountville, offers its outstanding winetasting experience to members and non-members alike. Current Handwritten Circle Members can enjoy the wine tasting experience at no charge and may pre-select from current wine releases and featured library wines.

Others can enjoy the experience for a waivable $100 per person fee with the purchase a $200 or more per-person purchase.

You can get more information, make reservations, or get directions online, or through the phone at 1-707-944-8524.