While so many regions of France and California’s Napa Valley are universally heralded among the world’s premier wine-producing areas, “linkage” of any kind between wineries in each region is uncommon.

But, due to a familial connection between a French-born executive of Handwritten Wines in Yountville, California, and the Michel Guilleminot family in Channes, France, a sensational new American-made wine has been born: Handwritten’s Relié Cuvée Champagne.

How Handwritten’s Relié Cuvée Champagne Came to Be

Frederick Boelen is the Vice President of Business Development for Handwritten Wines and its sister winery, Jessup Cellars. Frederick grew up in Normandy with a French father and a British mother. His British Uncle Johnny eventually married Carine Guilleminot, whose father Michel has guided the family’s Champagne production to its highly respected reputation today. The Guilleminot family has been producing Champagne for four generations.

Due to this connection, we are so privileged to be able to have access to this amazing wine and import it each year from Champagne to share with our guests!

What is Handwritten’s “Relié Cuvée”?

The Handwritten Wines’ version of Relié Cuvée is a Brut Blanc de Noirs (100% Pinot Noir) Champagne, produced from a blend of approximately 70% current vintage and 30% from reserve wines.

This delightful Champagne is fruit-forward and elegant, with very fine bubbles. Fragrant fruit on the nose combines with a classic biscuity note and vibrant accent.

Where to Purchase Your Relié Cuvée Champagne

Handwritten Wines’ presents an excellent selection of superior handcrafted wines in their online Wine Shop and on-site at their Yountville Tasting Room.

However, the unique Handwritten Wines production of Relié Cuvée Champagne is only available for purchase at their winery’s Yountville Tasting Room at 6494 Washington Street in Yountville. The price per bottle for this Champagne is $100.

Make Your Reservations for a Fantastic Wine Tasting Experience

To experience the excellent hospitality and superb handcrafted wines in an inviting and comfortable setting, make your reservations for one of the Handwritten Wines’ beautifully curated winetasting formats at their Yountville Tasting Room.

The Handwritten Wines experts also offer fun and fascinating winetasting experiences both virtually and in-person at remote locations of the client’s choosing.

Visit the Handwritten Wines website to learn more about their handcrafted wines and the excellent Yountville tasting room experiences. If you have questions, phone the Yountville Tasting Room at (707)-944-8524.