While California boasts over 4,300 wineries producing 84% of all U.S wine output, and Napa Valley is home to 450 of those wineries, any boutique winery that receives positive reviews and raves from multiple publications and wine experts must be doing something extraordinary.

In recent months, Handwritten Wines, a Napa Valley boutique winery producing highly sought-after handcrafted wines, received several accolades from wine, food, and lifestyle publications, heralding the winery’s outstanding wines and unique wine tasting experiences.


Commentary about Handwritten Wines

Here are a few of the recent commentaries, PR pieces, and notable reviews featuring Handwritten’s handcrafted wines and their excellent “Bread and Butter” tasting experiences at this boutique winery’s Yountville Tasting Room.

The Entertainer Magazine

“At Handwritten Wines (in Yountville), guests may indulge in a specialty tasting, including a rare Cabernet Sauvignon made from Carneros AVA grapes paired with artisanal butters from around the world.”

Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine

This Arizona-based publication notes many exciting and tasty things to do while visiting Napa Valley. While featuring Handwritten Wines as one of their ‘must-do’ destinations, the article mentions: During the 90-minute Bread and Butter wine tasting event, “guests enjoy white truffle potato chips and Bouchon Bakery baguettes along with multiple mouthwatering artisan butters.” These flavorful items complement the tasting and enjoyment of five of Handwritten’s award-winning handwritten varietals.

Paradise Valley View

In Paradise Valley View’s Getaway Napa piece, writer Alison Ballin Batz highlights the Handwritten Wine wine tasting experience by noting the “Bread and Butter experience pairs five cabernets with artisan butter and locally sourced fresh bread.”


Handwritten Wines Winetasting Experiences

Conducted in the Yountville Tasting Room at 6494 Washington Street in Yountville, Handwritten Wines’ guests can enjoy their choice of winetasting experiences. And Virtual and In-Home Tasting sessions are also available. Reservations are always requested.

Bread and Butter Experience

The very popular Bead and Butter Experience noted here features five excellent Handwritten pre-poured wines in a side-by-side comparative format accompanied by white truffle potato chips, a locally made Bouchon Bakery baguette, along with three artisan butters. Guests will also enjoy the flavors of Stagberry Salame with 12-month-aged Gouda Cheese.

Classic Experience

Another of Handwritten’s popular tasting formats is the Classic. The session features five wines from the boutique winery’s Napa Valley hillside and mountain vineyards pre-poured in a side-by-side format. Guests will enjoy the fluffa crackers, truffle potato chips, and wine.

Short Story Experience

Participants can enjoy three of the boutique winery’s best wines selected from the Handwritten Wines’ excellent portfolio for a more abbreviated session. The tasting also includes fluffa crackers and truffle potato chips.

Pinot Vertical Tasting

A truly unique wine tasting experience, guests can sample four of Handwritten’s highly acclaimed Pinot Noirs, each from a different vintage. Tasters can try to discern the differences in flavor resulting from different growing conditions and the subtle influences of the aging process during their respective years. Guests will also enjoy a vertical tasting of Gouda Cheeses produced by the Oakdale Cheese Company, along with a taste of Handwritten’s highly acclaimed Rulié Cuvée Champagne.

Join the Handwritten Wines’ Members Circle

Members Circle participants enjoy complimentary wine tastings throughout the year and an opportunity to select the wines they wish to compare. They also have access to limited edition and special production wines that can be excellent for storing and aging.

Check out all Member Circle Benefits by visiting the Handwritten Wines website.