Courtyard Sessions

Once again, Handwritten Wines will be presenting its Courtyard Summer Sessions. We will kick off our Courtyard Sessions with the return of the incredibly talented Renée Lubin.

Performing twice, Friday, July 21, and Sunday, August 6, Renée will be accompanied by jazz pianist Dee Spencer.

Named “San Francisco’s resident Diva” and “local treasure” by San Francisco Chronicle,” Renée holds the record as the longest-running performer in a musical review for her 33-year run with Beach Blanket Babylon.

Formerly the Vocal Jazz Coach at San Francisco State University, Renée now coaches privately and performs throughout the Bay Area, including Feinstein’s at the Nikko, Be Bubbly, and the Black Cat.

Handwritten and Jessup Cellar wines will be available by glass or bottle at the Courtyard Summer Sessions. Charcuterie boards and other snacks are also available for purchase.

Handwritten Wines is excited to kick off its Courtyard Summer Sessions with the return of the remarkably talented Renée Lubin.

A Little More About Renée

Renée Lubin has been delighting audiences at Beach Blanket Babylon for thirty-three years. While the musical itself has spanned forty-five years, Renée is the longest-running performer in a musical review anywhere.

Her work has earned a Certificate of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Mayor at the 55th Anniversary of the Human Rights Commission.

Renée was also recognized and cited for her cultural contributions to the City of San Francisco as the longest-running performer.

She also directed the SFSU Jazz Choir as the Vocal Coach while providing private vocal and audition coaching with Dr. Dee Spencer. Renée is also honored to have worked with X-Factor semi-finalist Jason Brock while providing voice-over work for both television and radio.

Handwritten Wines

Makers of high-quality handcrafted wines, Handwritten Wines is dedicated to things that are handmade. Using many old-style techniques, Handwritten Wines’ portfolio of handcrafted wines is tasteful and unique.

Handwritten Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs, and other high-end red wines are from fruit grown in specific higher locations. The experts carefully scour the many Napa Valley regions to find the materials to make their products.

To learn more about how they produce their handcrafted wines, visit the Handwritten Wines website, where you can learn about the company’s approach to making high-end red wine.

You can also reserve a spot online for one of the Handwritten wine tastings in their delightful Tasting Rooms in South Yountville. These wine tastings include three or four high-end red wines and carefully paired bites.

If you have more questions about the Courtyard Sessions or reservations for a wine tasting of handcrafted wines from Handwritten Wines, call us at 707-944-8524.