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Poetry Workshop: Celebrating the Landscape of Napa Valley and Our Lives

Join us for a poetry workshop that celebrates the beauty of mustard season while spurring on our own “Handwritten” inspirations.

While we often reflect upon the special terroir of Napa Valley in terms of wine, we don’t always recognize the terroir of our very own lives. What circumstances have shaped us into the unique individuals that we have become? What particular influences have carried us throughout our lives?

In celebration of our blooming landscape, we will circle these questions around the central theme of mustard. What does mustard mean to you? Whether it is the most innocent of influences upon hotdogs, a dream of the cobblestoned streets of Dijon, or a spiritual parable seared into your memory, mustard has colored each of our lives in some way or another.

We will begin our workshop with a reading of three poems that explore mustard through the lens of three different authors. Then, exploring our own associations with mustard, we will write a piece that reflects our unique experience and share that amongst the group.

Join us for this creative and reflective event celebrating this special season in Napa Valley!