In April 2023, Handcrafted Wines was awarded the first Blue Zone Certification for any winery in the United States.

Blue Zone Certification is about creating a work environment that supports good health and a long life. Much of this is about relieving stress surrounding real life and working conditions.

Blue Zone evaluation evolved from the discovery that certain countries or areas worldwide had far more than the standard number of 100+-year-old citizens. Further investigation showed that these people lived right, ate healthful foods, rested well, and avoided excess in many areas of their lives.

Blue Zone communities encourage citizens with improved well-being, better health outcomes, reduced costs, and increased civic pride, which helps support healthy economic development.

What Did Handwritten Wines Do to Be Blue Zone Certified?

To support the Blue Zone initiative, Handwritten Wines adopted several practices and modified work areas to allow people to escape stress, monitor their health, receive financial assistance, and improve their work/life balance. These measures were:

  • Healthier snacks for team members.
  • Provided professional health screenings for the Team.
  • Financial aid resources for employees.
  • Encouragement of time-off/ work/life balance.
  • Offer financial well-being tools.
  • Provide a paid-time-off policy that encourages and supports employees.
  • Offer Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Provide self-monitoring equipment (i.e., blood pressure, glucose testing).
  • Provide on-site biometric screening for employees.
  • Offer weight management and nutrition coaching.
  • Organize or promote a workshop that supports leaders in connecting with their well-being and influencing a well-being culture in the organization.
  • Establish a campus-wide tobacco-free worksite.
  • Provide showers and/or changing facilities with lockers to employees.
  • Ensure that at least 25% of meeting rooms, workstations, and/or private office furniture provide flexibility to stand or sit while working.
  • Provide secure bicycle storage.
  • Provide walking and/or biking workstations.
  • Designate a space in the office where employees can downshift.

Blue Zone certification is essential to Handwritten Wines. That’s one reason why they were first.

Visiting Handwritten Wines

Handwritten Wines is proud of its commitment to its employees and the effort they are exerting to be recognized as a Blue Zone certified company. While this is only the beginning, Handwritten Wines continues to find ways to improve the work/life balance, knowing that healthy and comfortable workers last longer and work with greater enjoyment. Blue Zone certification is only the beginning.

To visit Handwritten Wines, voted one of Napa Valley’s most hospitable Tasting Rooms in Napa Valley, visit the Handwritten website. There, you will see many unique, high-end, handcrafted wines and learn about the Classic or Bread & Butter Experiences to enjoy.

The Handwritten Tasting Room is located at 6494 Washington Street in Yountville, near the heart of Napa Valley.

To reserve your place for a Handwritten Wines Wine Tasting, click the Book a Tasting button on the webpage and complete the simple Reservation Form.

If you have questions or wish to make special arrangements, please phone the Yountville Tasting Room at (707)-944-8524.