Seven Culinary Wonders

Foie Gras Event

Our epic 7 Culinary Wonders journey continues as we seek to explore the natural wonders of some of the most sought-after delicacies and rare gourmet ingredients that the foodie world has to offer. Join Handwritten Wine’s charming somm and dapper bon vivant, Philip O’Conor and Ariane of D’Artagnan, New York’s leading gourmet game meat purveyor, for a night of epicurean fun. In August we explore the hedonistic delight of French Foie Gras. Together these two foodies will go toe-for-toe sharing exclusive stories along with innovative tips, techniques and sumptuous culinary pairings from travels. This is a once-in-a-lifetime virtual wine tasting not to be missed.

If you’ve been living inside an oyster shell, here’s what you’ve missed. Handwritten Wine’s ultimate Seven Culinary Wonders experience has showcased highly coveted, gourmet ingredients including Wagyu Beef, Caviar, Truffles and Oysters among others. Each culinary wonder has been part of a virtual wine tasting with pairings hand curated to complement our collection of small lot cabernet sauvignon wines from our boutique winery in Napa Valley.

In partnership with some of the most iconic food purveyors in the country, our virtual wine tasting experiences have delivered these once-in-a-lifetime offerings during a time that we couldn’t be together with our much-missed allocation members. Our August event explores the pinnacle of French cuisine, Foie Gras. We will be elevating this sought-after delicacy to savory perfection with a sprinkle of savoir-faire, or literally “French know how”.

D’Artagnan began from humble beginning in 1985 and was quickly made famous for one single product – their artisanal Foie Gras. Ariane was always inspired by her father, a classically trained, yet innovative chef who always ensured that and no part of the duck was ever wasted. It wasn’t too long before D’Artagnan became famous as a purveyor of humanely raised American, celebrating all forms of duck, from sumptuous duck confit and smoked breast to pâté and gourmet sausage.

Philip and Ariane will showcase and savor this delicious delicacy both seared in classic fashion and as a ‘torchon de paté’. This virtual wine tasting and crème de la crème culinary masterclass will uncover the rich history behind Foie Gras together with a traditional pairing of something sweet from our wine cellar.

The chance to collect all seven of these cult-status meals is like a passport to food perfection. While an exclusive group of up to 10 couples will follow this intimate year-long journey together, there will also be the chance to join on an ad hoc basis as there will larger virtual events featuring each culinary delight independently. This innovative approach in achieving food and wine pairing Nirvana will undoubtedly make memories for a lifetime.

Our In-Person Event:

For our amazing in-person event, we decided to incorporate the foie-gras experience into one of the most iconic dishes: Beef Wellington. We are partnering with local chef and legend: Chef MikeC to bring this classic dish to our tables in the courtyard of Handwritten Wines.

Finishing the ensemble, will be Chef MikeC’s famous Caesar Salad paired delightfully with an elegantly aged Handwritten Cabernet from Stags Leap District. You can purchase your seat to this masterclass online or by calling our Handwritten Wines team at (707) 944-8524.

Wondering what foodie adventures still await among the 7 Culinary Wonders?

Lobster: In October

Once served to prisoners in New England because of their abundance in the cool coastal waters, Lobster has become a symbol for enjoying the finer things in life. These live creatures will travel first class into your kitchen from Maine and we will explore how to prepare and enjoy like a true New Englander.

Truffle: In November

Both savory and highly fragrant, these gems dug up from underground require unique conditions to grow and are exceedingly hard to find. There are a variety of different types of truffle, both black and white, but the ultimate experience is the white Piemonte truffle that is only found in autumn. Learn the art of making fresh pasta and elevating your meal with freshly shaved white truffle.

Caviar: In December

Gracing the courts of Kings and Queens for centuries, Caviar is the embodiment of ultimate luxury. Today we have more access to this amazing culinary delight and explore the diverse world of how to enjoy and pair different types of caviars. Learn about the process of obtaining these precious delicacies and what accoutrement is necessary to maximize enjoyment.